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    Revit is a dedicated part of BIM. This is a powerful tool that allows you to use smart models for planning, design and construction, building management and infrastructure. Revit supports the multidim design process for collaboration with design. Revit consists of 3 core products: Revit Architechture (architecture), Revit Structure (structure) and Revit MEP (pipeline, water, electricity). It is one of the most popular and modern construction design software available today. 

    Revit®: Comprehensive BIM solution:
    With Revit's job sharing function, multiple members can work on the same project at the same time using a centralized sharing model. The multidiigional BIM platform on Revit has a full range of functions so that engineers in different areas can work together on a unified platform, minimizing the risk of errors, incompatibility or time-consuming rebuilding on different platforms.

    Professional tools for each discipline and reconnecting them in a commonenvironment:
    whether you're an architect, an electromechanical engineer or a pipeline system engineer (MEP), or a construction professional, Revit offers a full range of specific BIM features.
    Supports connectivity and collaboration between disciplines on the same model, synchronization and consolidation.


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