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    Ø  Project information:
                      Project name: Upgrading and expanding for DT743 (local road 743)
                      Category: Bridge part
                      Owner: Becamex IDC
                      Location: Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam
                      Scope:  Total length of 203,4 meters, overall with 16 meters,  5 spans of
    composite steel and concrete structure
    Ø  Model phase:
                      Feasibility LOD 300
                      Detailed design LOD 400
    Ø  Application VR for construction of 550 - Binh Duong overpass
    VR is a term describing a virtualized virtual environment created by humans thanks to specialized software and controlled by a smart device. Applying VR technology to traffic works is one of the important advancements in the digital age, accelerating the development of the construction industry.
    During the construction process, the sudden change of the design is a difficult task because it is related to the issue of cost and time. Material needs can be changed, affecting other parts of the project and causing difficulties in the settlement of relevant units. VR technology will provide a creative and innovated solution by using VR software allowing users to experience work in virtual environments. Simlab Composer software provides a virtual reality environment with high graphics and realistic images, helping people experience the work out-side the real project and allowing easy interaction between users and VR model by using mark and remote for checking and measuring all components in the model. 3D design models can include a VR models for testing the completed work at every angle and even experience in virtual environments.
    Dimensions of components can be measured directly in the 3D model with the measurement feature taking directly data in the model (Fig. 1) and being compared to previous design drawings. Users can note or request in the model and transferred to the people who are responsible for resolving.


    Fig. 1. Measuring dimensions on the model

          View and auto - rendering feature of the construction allows the stakeholders understanding the progress of each device's at pre-construction steps (Fig. 2); As a results, when backing to the real environment, operations will happen quickly and synchronized with each other for increasing productivity and achieving high quality in every construction phase.
    Fig. 2. Information in the model.

           Direct interactions in virtual reality environments help people experience construction devices by picking up, measuring dimensions or replacing components (Fig. 3). After observing and examining the details of the equipment, users could evaluate the capacity and installation in accordance with the construction sequence.                           

    Fig. 4. Interaction with the model.

    Piles and auger-cast piles are one of the main bridge components with complex reinforced structure, easily causing conflicts between steel bars. VR helps construction engineers observe, check, and train workers these complex structures about layouts of the reinforcement, improving productivity and efficiency during construction and installation (Fig. 5).

    Fig. 5. Interaction with pillar reinforcement.    

    VR technology plays an important role in solving problems such as technical inspection and training, and occupational safety for workers and engineers before immerging to actual situation. 



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